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Repetition of the second semester of the Metamorphoses Online

There are two ways to start an online streaming:

  • directly from this page by entering the code [below the Password protected video under caption],

  • or that IBM Video Streaming platform.

To start the video streaming, you need to enter the code received in the email before the lecture!

Check-in 15 minutes before the performance.

To start online streaming go to IBM Video Streaming page:


September 5
What are the similarities and differences between female and male fairy-tale heroes?

September 19
The role of supernatural beings in the hero's journey

October 3 
Helpful methods in fairy tales

October 17. 
The organic pattern of existence - Animals and plants

October 31 
The image of death in European folk tales

November 14. 
Miracle and magic in fairy tales

November 28. 
Sacred fairytale geography - The importance of fairytale locations

December 5. 
Order and disorder in fairy tales

December 19. 
What does it mean to "live happily?"

We send an access code to the lectures each time.

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