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Presentations by Metamorphoses Online


Investigation of folktale roles and motifs 


Lecture 11: In what ways are female and male fairy-tale heroes similar and in what ways they are not?

Lecture 12: The role of supernatural beings in the hero's journey

Lecture 13: Helping methods in fairy tales

Lecture 14: The organic model of existence - Animals and plants

ZOOM SEMINAR: Summary of the first four lectures, online consultation

Lecture 15: The image of death in European folk tales
Lecture 16: Miracle and magic in fairy tales

Lecture 17: Sacred fairytale geography - The importance of fairytale locations

Lecture 18: Order and Disorder in Fairy Tales

Lecture 19: What does it mean to "live happily?";


The application for the second semester is closed.

Perzsia, 2022. november (saját fotók)

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